Pregnant mothers have another option to hospitals when giving birth these days. They may opt to give birth at a birth center in your area for prenatal care and during the actual deliver. This new choice may actually appeal to mothers who were in a way, dissatisfied with the level of care that they are receiving from a hospital.  


Most of the complaints that pregnant women have is that hospitals lack personalized care and support. Their obstetrician would come and go, and they may even meet three more of them during labor. Then there were many medical contraptions that need to be adjusted from time to time, even in the middle of labor pain. These are just some of the issues that a birth center tries to address.  

Why Choose a Birth Center? 

A birth center deviates from the usual hospital childbirth setup. For starters, they don’t do the C-section and they rarely use any intrusive methods during the whole process. That type of birth experience is entirely new to many mothers. But more than all of those, mothers know everyone inside her room. All the attendants were helpful and only come around when they’re needed.  

Birth centers are not homes, clinics, or hospitals. Instead, they are specialized places designed to provide pregnant mothers best of both worlds. The environment is very much like a home but the rooms are equipped with everything needed for a safe natural child delivery. There are also midwives and health care personnel outside to provide care as necessary. They can also provide hospital transfer should the patient requires it. 

On Using a Birth Center  

In 2016 alone, around 20,000 babies were born in birth centers all over the United States. That’s a huge 83% increase compared to the last decade. The number doesn’t include birth centers inside hospitals that are led by midwives and are separate from the primary labor and delivery wards. 

Birth centers are designed for women with low-risk pregnancies. Many mothers would be interested to know that birth centers may actually cost a lot cheaper than can any other hospital maternity care package. Much of that is because birth centers don’t do C-sections, which is how one-third of deliveries in hospitals end up these days. A traditional childbirth these centers cost half than what a hospital charges for an uncomplicated delivery.  

Other Advantages of a Birth Center  

The main difference of a birth center from a hospital is the level and type of care that mothers receive. Birth centers emphasize on familiarity and personal attention. This means pregnant women get extensive prenatal visits and continual support during labor. Postnatal care is also provided, which include home visits and counseling. 

Birth centers offer a familiar environment for pregnant women, which positively affect their ability to better cope during labor. Giving birth in birth center gives mothers the privacy, intimacy, and freedom they need, which is almost impossible in a hospital setup. If you want to experience the ease of giving birth the traditional way, please visit our birth center today.