Spray tanning is the most innovative method used to give your skin that beautiful bronze glow. It’s being used by a lot of celebrities and models if they want to sport that vibrant, outdoorsy look rather than their regular pale, white, and sickly shade.  

Generally speaking, spray tanning is safe but it doesn’t hurt to do follow some safety precautions when undergoing spray tanning. For starters, you may wear a nose plug to keep yourself from inhaling the substance used for spray tanning. However, even if you do inhale it, there’s no proof that it can be detrimental to your health.  

How Much Should You Pay for Spray Tanning? 

The actual cost of spray tanning varies from one location to another. It may be cheaper to get spray tanning North York than spray tanning New York if you know what that means. Generally, you should be spending not more than $50 per session for spray tanning. However, it may cost more if you opt to take advantage of the mobile airbrush tanning method. For that, you may have to pay a hundred dollars maximum. 

You may say that spray tanning is a bit expensive and it’s quite true. However, it’s also the most effective tanning method available these days. If you want to save on spray tanning, try to look for package deals or monthly memberships from your favorite tanning salon. 

How Should You Prepare For Spray Tanning?  

Spray tanning is just like any other beauty treatment although there are some things that you must consider before you step into the spray tanning booth. Here are some of the things that you should do beforehand.  

  1. Wax or shave prior to your appointment. 

Those tiny hairs on your legs and arms can get in the way of the spray tan so be sure to wax or shave first. It’s highly recommended that you do this a day or two before the day of the appointment so you’re sure that the pores are closed. 

  1. Exfoliate the day before. 

It’s best to exfoliate away dry skin and dead skin cells so you’ll get the best possible effect from spray tanning. Do this the day before, preferably before going for a full body wax. You should do this too even if you’re just using self-tanning products.  

  1. Clean your skin on the day of the appointment.  

On the actual day of the appointment, be sure that your skin is perfectly clean. Don’t apply lotions, moisturizers, makeup or even deodorants before you go to the spray tanning salon. All of these may decrease the effect of the product sprayed on your skin as they contain oil that will keep the substance from binding from your skin. You may also get a blotchy and streaky tan and you don’t want that.  

  1. Protect areas that you don’t want tanned.

If you want any particular area that you don’t want spray tanned, you have to find a way to protect it. For your hair, you may use a shower cap. For your lips, using a lip balm will do. You may also put moisturizer on your elbows and knees so that they won’t appear darker than usual.